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Better Life for People

Your one blessing to an unprivileged one can really change his / her life to be better and happy which in return will come back to you as a Blessing.

We can Make a Difference

We may not do big things for the people who are in need for your support to save their life but our little support can make a big difference in their Life.

Be an Guardian Angel for a Child

We may not take care of Every Child but we can be a Guardian Angel for a Child and bring a Big Change in his / her Life by supporting in their Education.

Empowering Women is Powering our Society

We need to make our Women educated and self-dependent to make our society better and developed.

Give a Little change a Lot

Your support may be small or little in front of others but your that little support is very big for a needy or dying Child and can change their Life.

Make Donation

Your Little Donation makes a Big Difference in Someone›s Life                              

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Reach us

Reach us to support us or to be a part of a Bigger Cause to help many

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Become a Volunteer

Be a part of the Greater Blessing by becoming Volunteer and Serving People

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About Parivartan Sewa Sansthan

Parivartan Sewa Sansthan is an Organization for the unprivileged People in the society who are struggling to fulfil their basic needs and struggling for their survival. We are working with a great vision to help the society / unprivileged people to the utmost level we can. Our motive is to bring a change in the living condition of needy / unprivileged people and to bring happiness in their life.

There are many challenges we have in the society for the people who cannot take care of themselves because of poverty or lack of opportunity. Especially Children due to poverty as their entire life would be at stake. Many parents leave their newly born babies too on road side and leave on their fate as they don’t want the burden of these babies too.

We Parivartan Sewa Sansthan always stand strong and firm to uplift the unprivileged people by providing Free Education, Good Health & Nutrition food / diet, protecting children from trafficking / drug rackets / prostitution rackets / domestic violence / Child Marriage etc., fighting with the poverty and inclusion which kills the society and people, encouraging and uplifting women by empowering them with required skills and opportunities, doing humanitarian activities and providing skills to youth through skill development programs to make our society better place to live on.

We know for sure that we have a huge task ahead and we cannot achieve it without the support of all our well-wishers and good hearted people. With your great support, we together can change the World.

Our Vision is BIG – Our Mission is BIG – We are THE PARIVARTAN SEWA SANSTHAN



Upcoming Events

Please support us for our upcoming activities to give a better life to many and get blessed!

Blood Donation Campaign

Blood Donation Campaign

  Event Date 20-06-2022

Blood Donation Campaign Drive

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Latest News

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    Hospital Visit

    Parivartan Sewa Sansthan visited hospital Visit in Bari Sadri, Rajasthan

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    School Books Distribution

    Books Distribution in Bari Sadri, Rajasthan to unprivileged children

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    Groceries Distribution

    Groceries Distribution in Bari Sadri, Rajasthan

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